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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Work Area


Simple Office Decor

As adults, we spend most of our time at work, in the office. This is why almost every office worker is trying to personalize and decorate their work area. From framed photos with family members to a plant, everyone tries to bring a touch of beauty and home in their office.

Here are some creative ways to decorate your work area:

1. Bring Decorative Bookends to Keep Files Together

Bookends are available in almost any shape and color – from imitations of Ancient Greek temples to scale replicas of the Spaceship Enterprise. Let your imagination flow freely and look for bookends that represent your style and hobbies. Natural stones in a great variety of patterns and colors make great bookends, as well.

2. Keep Your Sticky Notes in Colorful Holders

Office holders are boring – usually transparent or in a nondescript color. You need a touch of color to liven up the look of your work desk, so personalize them a bit. The simplest way is to add colorful stickers to the note holders. For a more personal touch, you can paint the holder yourself – or ask your children to do it.

3. Use Fun Magnets or Colored Pins

You probably have a magnetic or cork board at your work area to pin important messages, such as project deadlines or meeting dates and hours. Here you can also be a little creative by replacing standard magnets or pins with shiny and colorful ones. It takes just a little detail to brighten up your desk!  Look for comfortable mesh office chairs for purchase to enhance the overall look of your desk area.

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