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Latest Approach to Daycare at the Office


There is a current emphasis around working moms these days. Having a career is important to gain enough money to lead a good life, not to mention self-esteem. However, when the child comes, keeping your career is not so easy anymore, because you are obligated to put him/ her in the top of your priorities. As such, you may not be able to have a full time job, at least for a while, or if you do, you may have trouble keeping up with the required professional pace.

Daycare At The Office

Given the circumstances, most people use the services of a daycare facility.

The latest trend in motivating and keeping employees active consists in companies that create daycare facilities right inside their headquarters; it seems that they have come to the conclusion that this opportunity offered to their employees increases their loyalty beyond financial rewards.

However, in the same time, we can talk about some disadvantages too. First, starting a childcare center at the workplace is complicated; there are many formalities and implications that not all companies can deal with. Secondly, people with more kinds will obviously receive more advantages from the company than people with one child - not to mention the childless or childfree people. It is fair to say that this may turn into something discriminatory, because work should not become a place that evaluates or rewards us according to aspects related to our personal life.

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