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Should Your Office Choose Hardwood or Carpet? How to Make the Best Decision


The debate between hardwood and carpeted flooring has been an ongoing one for a long time – whether we’re talking about the flooring in your home or in your office. The key differences between these two options not only have to do with looks, but with practical aspects like safety and maintenance as well.

Floors have to be mopped and waxed, while carpets need to be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly on occasion. So, in terms of maintenance, even though there are different methods that have to be used, you can expect the work to be similar. However, depending on what your business deals with, you might want to consider whether the amount of walking and the dirt being passed around would make a carpet worthwhile, or a hardwood floor safe enough.

Hardwood can get slippery when it’s being cleaned. It also has to be cleaned more often but less thoroughly than a carpeted floor. On the other hand, hardwood has more of a luxury appearance that can be maintained like that with ease.  When considering office chairs for sale be sure they won't scuff the choice of flooring you go with.

Considering all the pros and cons, a carpeted floor might be more practical when it comes to safety and when you don’t want to make your office look too bold or extravagant. On the other hand, if you constantly have your clients and business partners visiting your office, and you want to make a good impression, a flashy hardwood floor might be a better option for that.

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