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Are Balance Ball Chairs Good For You?


Picking Out The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

The latest trend in office ergonomics is to replace standard office chairs with balance balls. Balance ball chairs are large and inflatable spheres made of rubber, which are usually present in physical therapy rooms to help patients regain posture and muscle strength. Promoters of the balance ball trend claim that this type of chair helps people achieve a correct posture, burn calories and even be more productive.

What Is the Truth about Balance Ball Chairs?

A scientific paper that compared muscle activation while sitting on an ergonomic chair as opposed to sitting on a balance ball chair found only small differences in the activation of certain muscles in the trunk of the body. However, the researchers also found that sitting down on a balance ball chair for too long can cause significant discomfort.

A separate study even indicated that female subjects who sat on a balance ball chair for prolonged periods of time experienced “spinal shrinkage” – something that certainly is not good at all for you.

Leaving these studies aside, it takes time and training to find the correct balance and posture on a balance ball chair. Normally, this device is used for physical therapy under the supervision of a trained certified specialist. Using it on your own, without guidance, could cause more harm than good.

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