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Considering the Design of Your Office Space: How High Should Your Cubicle Walls Be?


Considering New Office Designs

There are three different types of cubicles based on their heights, each with their own respective and unique qualities. Depending on why you are considering buying cubicles for your business, you will have to review the qualities and downsides of each of these types, before making your decision on which one you want.

The three sizes for cubicles are 72, 54 and 42 inches. These heights are meant to offer certain degrees of privacy while ensuring that your cubicles don’t hinder the necessary level of interaction between employees.

The tallest type of cubicle is the 72-inch one, and it is preferred in places where only a very low degree of interaction is needed, as opposed to a very high degree of privacy. These cubicles are better suited for businesses that deal with law, counseling or other fields in which private document are used on a constant basis.

Another type of cubicle you can consider is the 54-inch one, and this is the most popular type used in most business areas. While it maximizes privacy, the 54-inch height also ensures that employees can still interact to some extent – or that their activities can be observed by their superiors.

Finally, many businesses opt for the 42-inch cubicle to maximize interaction in the office. While this isn’t always suitable for every type of business, modern and dynamic businesses seem to prefer it a lot more.  For all your office needs, including executive office furniture, look to https://everythingforoffices.com/desks/executive-desks-1/.

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