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Are Adjustable Desks A Good Investment?


Adjustable desks allow your employees to work sitting down or standing up. They are usually more expensive than regular desks, so you may wonder: are adjustable desks a good investment?

The answer is YES, if you want your employees to be healthy and productive. Here are a few ways in which adjustable desks help:

1. Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Adjustable desks allow each person to find the most ergonomic position during work. This is very important, because a bad posture caused by a non-ergonomic desk leads to chronic back pain. This condition has lifelong effects and can be debilitating.

2. Reduce the Risk of Obesity and Heart Conditions

If your employees can adjust their desks any way they want, they will exercise while doing their work. One day they may work sitting down, the next – standing up. Any form of exercise fights the risks of obesity and heart conditions.  You will still need to look for the best office chairs for sale that are comfortable and ergonomically designed for when your employees to choose to sit.

3. Improved Collaboration and Positive Mood

Working standing up allows your employees to make visual contact with each other and discussions on projects flow freely. Having a wider field of view also helps boost the mood and productivity, as well.

4. Higher Energy Levels

Routine is the number one enemy of office workers – it leads to boredom and lower energy level. The simple fact that they can change something in their work environment (the position of the desk) is enough to chase away routine and make your employees feel more energetic.

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