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The importance of labor protection: comfort, health and safety at work


Heathly Office Space

All workers - regardless of their job and the specific nature of their work - are exposed to professional risks.

Health safety and security procedures refer to the system of measures applied in order to control the risk of injury and illness, occurred because of professional activities.

The main goals of labor protection are to maintain the health and work capacity of the workers. Many accidents, occupational illnesses and other types of undesirable events that may occur at the workplace cause physical, emotional or psychological damage - and even death, in some extreme situations. This aspect has led to the creation of this legal procedure known as labor protection, which regulates the work in optimal safety conditions.

As health and safety rules have been established, penalties have been also created for both employers who do not respect their legal obligations and workers who ignore the protection measures.

When employees are healthy and work in a safe environment, the employer receives in return nothing but benefits. First, because the company`s productivity will increase, given that all workers will be apt to perform their job duties. The image of the company will also improve quickly, and the increase in the number of clients should be a natural consequence of all these aspects.

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