Staying Up To Date On Office Etiquette

May 28th 2019

Executive Office Success

Professional success is based on good manners. From business travels, to the interactions with the person in charge, customer service employees or colleagues, workplace behavior is certainly an important factor that affects your reputation and professional future in a company.

Office etiquette in these competitive times has never been more important. Below are some recommendations on adequate behavior.

  • Be punctual! Get used to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the program. A person who is always late sends the message that they are not organized enough. Also, showing up late at a meeting sends the message "my time is more important than yours; you are not an important person to me "- which is definitely something that you should never communicate.
  • Professional look. You should always wear clean and ironed clothes, in a business style, and have an appropriate hairdo, because it is in your best interest to make a good impression. Keep your office and executive office desk furniture clean and organized.  There are companies that even require a certain dress code - respect it strictly!
  • Respect the rules. Each company has a set of rules that everyone has to respect for a smooth running of the business.
  • Keeps discretion. Do not disclose confidential or personal information.
  • Watch out for gossip. Back biters are never trust worthy. Avoid them and never become one of them.