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How to Get In Exercise Time While At the Office


Most of the jobs these days involve sitting at a desk and comfortable big and tall office chairs to work on the computer. This poses a serious health issue: not exercising enough poses risks of getting overweight, developing a heart condition or diabetes. But how can you exercise when you are supposed to do your job at the office?

Here are a few simple exercises you can do every one in a while:

1. Exercise while Sitting Down

Even without leaving the chair, you can do a few simple exercises to stimulate your muscles and the blood flow. Shoulder shrugs are a good example: lift both your shoulders and bring them down several times. Stretching your legs under the desk is another useful exercise.

2. Stretches

Whenever you need to stand up from your chair to discuss with a colleague or to get a piece of paper from the printer, take the opportunity to stretch. Put your fingers together and pull up your hands above your head as much as you can. This simple exercise stimulates a lot of muscles.

3. Get Up and Walk as Much as You Can

If you cannot reach the paper puncher at the other end of the desk, don’t roll yourself there in the office chair. It feels more convenient, but it is healthier to stand up and walk to the end of the desk and get that item. If you don’t believe it makes any difference, you can install a step tracker on your mobile and you will be surprised how much you exercise at the office in this simple way.

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