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How to Decorate the Water Cooler Area of Your Office


The water cooler area in each office is where co-workers take a little break to enjoy water, coffee and make conversation. It is supposed to be a relaxing place, reminding a little of home.

Here are some simple ways to decorate it and make it more inviting:

1. Bring Some Plants

Potted plants and flowers liven up every place and they make a great addition to the water cooler area. Just looking at them, smelling the scent of flowers and tending to them can boost up the mood. Just make sure you agree with your colleagues on a clear schedule for watering the plants.

2. A Few Brightly Prints or Framed Pictures

Artwork is never out of place at the office including your executive office desk area of. In fact, the current trends in office design moves towards decorations that make the place look like home. As long as the topic of the artworks is not sensitive (nudity, violent scenes), your boss will not mind a little personal touch in the water cooler area.

3. Seasonal Decorations

Deck your water cooler area with special decorations for each important holiday and you will certainly feel better after each water and coffee break. It is even more meaningful if you and your colleagues bring homemade decorations and work together to install them.

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