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Etiquette for Sharing a Cubicle


Nobody likes spending at least eight hours every day cooped up in an office cubicle, but it is up to you to make the experience as little stressful as possible for you and your co-worker. Until you get a promotion or a new job and can enjoy an office or a cubicle all to yourself, here are some simple rules of etiquette for sharing a cubicle.

1. Respect Your Colleague’s Personal Space

Do you feel comfortable with another person so close to you that you can almost feel them? Your colleague doesn’t, either. You should judiciously split the available space in two and stick to your side at all times – except for moments when your colleague wants to show you something they are working on their computer.

2. Keep All Types of Odors under Control

A good hygiene is not only a sign of respect for others; it is a sign of self-respect and good health. However, do not go overboard in the other direction, by using strongly scented deodorant. Many people are allergic to such smells or find it impossible to focus on work, especially in the close confines of a cubicle.

3. Keep Your Side of the Cubicle Neat and Clean

Small spaces look even smaller and more oppressive if they are cluttered by lots of items. Try to limit the number of objects you keep on the desk and maintain order in them. Office furniture has lots of shelves and drawers so that you can put away what you don’t need right now in your work.  For great office furniture, visit https://everythingforoffices.com/chairs.

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