Creating Feng Shui In Your Office

May 31st 2019

If your office has become your second home, it is important to work in a harmonious and enjoyable environment. Here are some Feng Shui rules to better organize your workspace.

1. Place on the desk an object that symbolizes success. In Feng Shui art, statuettes have different symbols and meanings. Their positioning in any room has the gift of improving the owner's life according to the "power" of each statuette. When it comes to Feng Shui for the office, the most popular statuettes are the cock (which helps you escape any kind of animosity), dolphins (they bring peace and eliminate stress and migraines), Chi Lin (a strong symbol of prosperity) and the dragon (placed on a shelf, in the eastern side of the room, it will attract luck). Also, a bowl of Chinese coins will be responsible for multiplying money and advancing in your career.

2. Never stay with your back against a door or window; this position will only draw the risk of being cheated by colleagues or having inadequate collaborators. Try to position your back seat towards a wall.

3. The corner where the office should be placed, if you want financial success, is the south eastern corner.

4. Green to prosperity! A green object or a plant also located in the south-eastern side of the office is a guarantee of business prosperity.

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