Common Myths About Office Culture

May 24th 2019

Office Chairs And Office Culture Common Myths

Office work has its challenges and it is not that glamorous as in those commercials with smiling employees who look extremely relaxed, well-rested and very smart in front of the screen (on which a PowerPoint is inevitably projected) and enjoy team buildings and other attractive activities.

Working in an office is often and artificially put in a very favorable light, which creates many myths about office culture. These are the most common:

Office work is safe and does not involve risks

This is not true. In fact, studies show that office employees are more prone to suffer from certain illnesses because of all the long hours spent sitting in front of a screen. Office work is sedentary and involves a number of body posture issues, translated into chronic pain in the cervical and lumbar spine. Sitting on a chair for a long time may also aggravate already established conditions such as diabetes, and increases the risk of obesity and heart disease.  Nowadays, many companies buy office chairs for sale that are ergonomic and help maintain good posture for their employees.

Office work is based on team buildings

Team buildings are not mandatory and therefore not all companies are organizing such activities for their employees. On the other hand, motivational meetings in general are not seen with good eyes by many scientists, who think that they only deplete the feeling of pressure, negativity and even depression.