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Advantages of walking while you talk at work


People who work at the office typically spend more than 40 hours per week sitting at their desk, so they should have one of the durable ergonomic office chairs to promote good posture while at their desk. However, this lifestyle may be rough for the overall physical and mental health, being associated with obesity and cardiovascular disease.

"That’s true", most people will admit, "but what can we do about it? It is our job after all!"

Well, there is a new and trendy way to remain active while you work and it is called a "desk treadmill" (or a walking desk). This device is designed to allow users perform their office tasks while walking on a treadmill. In other words, instead of sitting on your office chair all day long

(and cursing that there is no chair - ergonomic or not - to keep you pain free for so long!), you can walk and burn some calories.

The main benefits of walking while you talk and work

Maintaining your physical shape translate into better job performance. Regular exercise will make you feel more relaxed, your body will release endorphins that are known to reduce pain and induce an overall positivity. You may even reach some health or fitness goals, if you walk every day.

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